I have been using the V.A. Health services for many years. I was pretty satisfied with the care I received, until I had a major issue, in the form of cancer. Due to a three month wait to see a specialist, I signed up for Veterans Choice Healthcare, President Obama's answer to the long waits and deaths that have occurred in the V.A. Healthcare system.  That's when the real nightmare began, including a needless surgical procedure that had to be undone and many aggravating hours spent on the phone to get approvals for every single procedure the Doctors ordered. The Choice program got me to a private specialist, who wanted to take immediate action. Remember, I had cancer. Every pill, follow-up or request for additional service had to pass through the Veterans Choice program. Prescriptions I needed immediately were paid by me, and there is no reimbursement program available. Some things can't wait, so I went out of pocket. I got great care in a great hospital with great Doctors and Nurses. It wasn't a VA Facility. The service I got from Veterans Choice could have cost me my life. If you are involved with this Government agency be prepared. Immediately sign-up for the program to beat their three week waiting period. Then stay on top of them. YOU are your best patient advocate. We need an elected official who knows what it takes to find solutions, navigate complicated governmental agencies, and get things done to clean up this mess.
22 Veterans a day commit suicide. That's almost one an hour! How many more must die? 
Write your Senator or Congressman today.  Thanks, Greg Brooks -  I welcome your feedback - EMAIL ME
read on..... as Veterans speak out
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Kris Bertrand-Glomski August 24 at 3:08pm

Brianna Sathre August 23 at 5:59pm

Please- give a BIG shout out to Linda, who answered the phone today and so patiently helped me sort out a huge mess. She was upbeat, caring, encouraging and more helpful than I could of hoped for. Thank you so much Linda!!!!
Rob Mason August 22 at 4:40pm
I filed complaints with congressmen, senators and the Ohio Attorney General.
Received an email from the AG stating that the issue was resolved... NOT IN MY OPINION.
I will be sending healthnet a bill for my two days of lost wages. When they deny to compensate, I will file a lien against them.

Michele Robles
August 22 at 2:35pm
Michele Robles Did you receive your copy of the authorization yet? If not, get a copy fo the authorization that was faxed to your outside provider. I would get the number and call Health Net back with the authorization to make sure its active.
Bill Elbode
August 23 at 1:13pm
Bill Elbode f_ _ _ this program. I almost went crazy waiting for an appt. I know a guy who committed suicide because of this program. His family is sueing the f_ _ _ out of these idiots. I hope they get billions
Jerry Vaughan
August 22 at 5:22pm
Joe Biden made fun of Trump for firing people and yet he and his fellow dems haven't fired anyone in the VA. Oh, wait, several of them got bonuses!
Susan Wooley Jacome Turner
August 22
Susan Wooley Jacome Turner There are doctor's names as providers, but they say they don't participate in the program when called. The best part is the consult is cancelled each time this happens and a new consult has to be submitted, starting over and delaying the process. In addition, I have been seeing a provider via Veteran's Choice for 4 months and they have yet to be paid. I'm assuming that's why doctors won't participate in the program.
Kathy Turnbow Kilgore August 22
Kathy Turnbow Kilgore We have been waiting & waiting to get approval for my husband to have a stress test & EEG for MONTHS! The numbers we call are NEVER answered nor are my emails sent thru the VA healthcare system. My husband is Service Connected for his heart & can't seem to get anyone who will help. What a disgrace for any Veteran to have to go thru this!!! I have written to our Senator....you guessed it NO RESPONSE.
Veterans Choice Healthcare.com website admin to Veterans Choice -August 22, 2016 - 1:30pm
My Doctor at the VA hurt his back. To avoid going to another ENT Dr 58 miles away I am again involved with Vets Choice. My VA case worker called my three days ago and confirmed with an authorization # that an appt had been secured near my house through Vets Choice. Today HEALTHNET called to let me know that if "I agreed" someone from their company would be calling me with an appt. within 5 to 10 business days. I told her I already had an appt. and after putting me on hold for five minutes she came back and said "no you don't." So I played along and answered her questions to get the appt. ball rolling. Minutes later I called my caseworker at the VA. He told me he would call HEALTHNET and straighten them out and that yes I did have the appt. he had called me about and to go ahead and keep the appt. When I told him about this website www.veteranschoicehealthcare.com, that I happily try to keep up with, he told me every letter written to Congressman and other officials results in the VA being called and scolded for the complaints!! If you do write a public official (which I still thing will help) be sure to tell them that the Government funded HEALTHNET is the incompetent, mismanaged company responsible for VETS not getting proper healthcare and in many causes causing the death of Veterans. Never forget that VETS that cannot get the proper counseling and medical help are comitting suicide at a rate of almost one an hour. (22 a day). HOW MANY MORE MUST DIE?
The next two posts came via Google Hangouts a while back- READ THIS:
U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs - Shared publicly Jun 19, 2015
Join experts from the Department of Veterans Affairs to learn more about the new Veterans Choice Program. The Choice Program allows eligible Veterans to get health care in the community from non-VA doctors. The conversation will include:
· Eligibility requirements
· How to find a provider and make a Choice Program appointment
· What happens after your Choice Program appointment
· Frequently Asked Questions
Do you have questions? Ask your questions in the comments on our Veterans Choice Program blog -- www.blogs.va.gov/VAntage/20872/ask-va-veterans-choice-program/ -- and we might answer them live on air!
If you need immediate assistance with the Choice Program, please call 866-606-8198.?
BSue Schlenker August 13 at 4:12pm
Praying for a change and clean up of all Federal mess but most especially the VA. We have given up for now, bought medi gap and go local...VA for glasses etc. in a different state...It was embarassing for the local Drs in small town to not be paid for almost a year !! The bills in total were less than a total of 1000. How much the drs ate to make it go away we do not know but they would not let us pay them...good luck. Keep records. Vote You know Who in November :)
Susan Wooley Jacome
August 2 at 7:15pm
Turner Authorizations take a long time and doctors are listed on website that don't participate in program. Great system!
Gideon Asche July 29 at 3:51pm
Erin Chandler July 26 at 8:35pm

Hi all, I need some help/guidance! I'm trying to get my referral moving (after months and months), and I've been calling Triwest daily. I get a different answer each time. They tell me they have no compliant process, and gave me the main VA line. Other than writing my congressman, is there anything I can do to file a complaint with Triwest?
Lee Tibbetts to Veterans Choice Healthcare - Jul 15, 2016
I was referred by the VA rehab doc to see a physical therapist for a service connected disability via Veteran's Choice Program. They saw I had Tricare and used that without talking to me first. Tricare covered $3 of the total bill. The rest of the $600 bill is all mine. Suggestions??
Gordon Cain - July 1 at 3:45pm
The fiasco (can you say FUBAR?) continues. Care was authorized and I have all the paperwork. Procedure was done 12/22/2015. Just received a letter telling me the claim has been rejected, despite the fact the VA Choice Program authroized it. It took 10 months to get this done and now . . . . :/ Not happy.
Michele Robles to Veterans Choice Healthcare - June 27 at 1:07pm
Just got an email from a provider that has outstanding claims starting in November 2015 that they "were contacted by Health Net and this account has been queued up for auditing with them". Based on past experience, the services will be reviewed by someone who has absolutely no knowledge of cancer treatement or even medical practices or even medical coding. Why do I have a feeling that we are going to get bills for services we were assured were covered by valid authorizations?
Aj Christ to Veterans Choice Healthcare June 21 at 2:05pm
Veteran's Choice is worse than useless. Finally, after 6 weeks of back and forth, they tell me they have everything they need, but, have to wait 5 days for approval. Why 5 days, they have everything they need, they waiting on a check to clear the bank? today, call them, yes, today was 5 days but now wait and we'll contact you, if you haven't heard from us in 10 days. Hold it. I'm done, enough bullshit. I'm doing something else and starting with a letter to our elected officials in DC. It was a good idea, take a load off of the VA but hiring paper pushers but not medical staff darn sure isn't the way to do things. What the heck were they thinking? They want to jerk people around and hope they die before they have to provide medical care? It sure seems that way. 100% unsatisfactory.
Jolee Reinke to Veterans Choice Healthcare June 21 at 1:08pm
The phone number for the Healthnet program supervisor is no longer current - though the phone rings the person says to call 571 227 6632, someone named Tisha is the new program manager. Who knows if that is true - just get voice mail there, too.
Veterans Choice to Veterans Choice - June 20 - 5:18pm
I got an alert on my Mint Account that said I had a bill sent to collection. After tracking it down I found out it was just another Veterans Choice screw up. The Medical company said they were sorry and said it would come off my credit report by mid-August. Veterans Choice does not pay their bills in a timely manner yet we get fined if our taxes are late. It is hurting my credit and my head. I am sorry for those involved with this program and pray everyday that some one cares enough to help Vets out. I heard from a reliable source that if you check in Washington you'll see that the heads of the VFW, Legion, DAV and other organizations trade leadership in these organizations when there term limit runs out. They need to keep their good ol boy network in Washington. Don't let these "leaders" fool you. They are just "leading" the good life at the expense of deserving, suffering and often dying Veterans. Where is the outrage and who is going to step up and help Vets? Be careful how you vote.
Boston Maxx to Veterans Choice Healthcare - June 20
They promised to send me a Health net card. Nothing yet. They have called me 4 times to "get my preferences for scheduling an appointment". Still no appointment. Seem uncaring or unknowledgeable on the phone. Call me from a non identifiable number (Folsom CA) and ask for my DOB, Address, etc. Then got made when I did not want to provide it.
Mike Snyder to Veterans Choice Healthcare - June 14 at 5:19pm - Benzonia, MI
How can you call this a good program. I just got stuck with two dr bills. Nobody tell us that after 30 days you have to request for additional services to see the same dr. For follow up treatment just over 30 days apart. Surprise just cancelled an appointment for Thursday since I have not been authorized to go by this screwed up plan. Still waiting to get an appointment for pain management since February. WTF. Veterans choice should work by giving a veteran a medical card. They go to a dr of their choice the bill goes to the program to be paid this thirty day at a time then get reauthorization is bullshit. Thanks for the additional debt I can't really afford.
Linh Ly to Veterans Choice Healthcare June 14, 2016 - Wilmington, DE
I just got a letter of notification of an appointment the Veteran's Choice Program made for me. Two problems. First, they called me after I had already had my appointment with the VA, way past the 30+ days wait. Two, they scheduled an appointment for me in FL. I'm in DE.

Ian M to Veterans Choice Healthcare - June 8 at 12:57pm
Been waiting since May 2 to get an MRI of my lower back and knees. 3rd authorization was created today and marked "URGENT - Escelated" and sent to scheduling. Not holding my breath for an answer any time soon.
Laverne Hammock Tornow to Veterans Choice Healthcare - June 7
This program is more convoluted and even more screwed up than the actual VA is. Appointments get made for you without your knowledge and you receive notification of the appointment AFTER the date the appointment was made for. I have had 3 different people make an appointment for me with the same provider for the thing on the same day! You call and the people you talk to are not even who makes the appointments, oh and they can only communicate with that dept which is in a different via e-mail! Yoask that you be called back and it takes a month or more to get a call, that is if they even bother. This is a big joke being played on us veterans and I do not appreciate it!!!! I don't know of any veteran who has ever talked with the actual director of a VA hospital, much less met with him or her you can't even get anyone to tell you the hospital director's name!!!!! Basically there is no one you can complain to about the way we are tror should I say not treated!!! Somebody is getting rich off of this so called program and it isn't us vets thats for sure!!!!

Teresa Chieppa Hazel to Veterans Choice Healthcare June 6 - 12:30pm
Will they ever get my Dad's Phone number right???? But then again I only told them 5 times that they have it wrong...
Meshel Adams to Veterans Choice Healthcare - June 3 at 10:33am - Kansas City, KS
As of today I have received 4 calls in the last week from Veterans Choice all asking me the same questions. Each time telling the individual that I had spoke to (persons name) on x day, asking me the same questions, verifying the same info only to be told there is no information in the system and always being told you should receive a call for an appt in 5-7 days. — feeling pissed off.
Aj Christ to Veterans Choice Healthcare - June 2 at 2:30pm
Have a torn ligament in my shoulder, can't do a whole lot except sit around, a good nights sleep is out of the question. VA first exrayed it, didn't see any fractures or dislocations (no shit), then MRIed it. Primary care said off to ortho, ortho said it would be at least 6 weeks to see a doctor, OK lets go with Choice. OK, should hear something in 3 days. Nothing, call them and the doctor did his part but ortho cancelled it, they say they want to fix it. Now waiting on them to do something, anything. Consult is somewhere, no one knows where or what happens next, being told to be patient. Meanwhile, I can't work, can't comb my hair or dress myself. Would have had a couple of rides at Disney land by now. Also checked to see which doctors participate in the choice program, seems only 1 within 50 miles.
VA, on this aspect of health care, you guys really suck!
Derek Whitley to Veterans Choice Healthcare - May 20 at 6:00pm - Joshua Tree, CA
Extremely disappointed that the Veterans Choice program not only blatantly lied to me, but for 15 days I still can't get a call back from management regarding HIPAA violations. Pretty horrible system as well. Especially since there is no Rx assistance. Getting them through the VA takes even longer now. DON'T USE THIS SYSTEM! Not until they stop breaking the law!
Veterans Choice Healthcare to Deborah Brush
Apparently you don't know what this page is about... but you did exactly what it is intended for. We all got screwed...that's how this page got started. Use some of your anger on your congressman...
Deborah Brush to Veterans Choice Healthcare - May 18 at 6:13pm
Just had to stop by your page and say THANKS for NOTHING! After 2 years I still have NOT got an appointment scheduled for treatment. "Oh I'm sorry our system is down" WTF is your system ever UP??? The doctor has put in at least 3 orders for back injections and I was supposed to have an EGD done (which no one EVER called me back about). You SUCK!|
Mary Ann Larry Sweeney to Veterans Choice Healthcare - May 16
Won't use it ever again. Big hassle. Won't pay. Turned over to collection agency!!!! Many phone calls made and no one knows anything!
Michele Robles to Veterans Choice Healthcare - May 13 at 12:57pm
By the posts on this and other FB pages, payment to healthcare providers even with active Veterans Choice program authorizations seems rare. We have one provider that is waiting for payment for services provided a year ago and it was nothing complicated - labs done locally instead of driving 2 hours to the nearest VA clinic.
I have 3 questions:
1. Who writes the checks to the providers - VA or third party administrators?
2. What is the process from the provider sending a bill to receiving payment? I know that there is someone in the VA that reviews the claim because I got a call from one.
3. How long does it typically take for the typical health insurance company to pay a claim? (I know Veterans Choice is not a health insurance)

Syndi G'Bear Allgood to Veterans Choice Healthcare - May 12 at 10:59am

This program further disempowers veterans, increases delays in diagnosis and treatment and ultimately results in a lack of continuity in veteran healthcare that costs lives.
Lisa L. Alston to Veterans Choice Healthcare - May 9 at 8:45pm
I recently received two letters from VA, which said "The above listed claim has been administratively and clinically reviewed to determine if it meets eligibility requirements for payment for service connected emergency unauthorized medical care. We regret to inform you that your claim does not meet the requirements of 38 U.S.C. 1728. These two claims were in 2015. Instead of sending the form to appeal, I received two forms to appoint a representative, and not VA form 4107 nor Prudent Layperson Information Document, both of which were listed as attachments. Firstly, VA has denied my claim for scoliosis (which has been documented subsequent to my enlistment by civilian doctors and chiropractors). Scoliosis is congenital, and I did go to the doctor while on active duty for essentially not being able to move one time. Secondly, Veterans Choice sent several authorizations to the chiropractor I went to for years, but who was and is not part of their network. (2015). Both Veterans Choice and the Chiropractor's office confirmed this. When I was in pain and no authorization was present, I paid cash. So, today, after three calls and more than an hour and a half on hold, Veterans Choice denied that they sent authorizations to a non-network provider. I had already spoke with the billing employee at the chiropractor and she said all bills were paid except for one in November 2014. When I asked where I could send the authorizations to prove Veterans Choice authorized these visits, I was told there is no place to send them. At this point, I informed them that I would send to my Congressional Representative as as my U.S. Senators, and maybe they can help figure it out.
Kevin Newman to Veterans Choice Healthcare - May 6 at 5:16pm
I find it very frustrating to call the "Choice Program" and to jump thru the telephone hoops that everyone seems to have anymore, before you actually get to speak to a human, only to be told to call back in 30 to 60 mins. It is mind boggling to think that an organization, as big as the Federal Government cannot at least have a real person, to tell you that stuff is out of wack & you need to call back. This is my second go round with using the choice program, and to say I am not impressed would be an understatement. The provider I chose to look at my case, this time, does not accecpt "Vets Choice" patients. Hmmmmm, in thinking about it, the only reason I can think of, for their clinic not accecpting these Vaets, is a reimbursement issue....that sounds about right. Give the government control over something like this, and they mess it up!
Teresa Marzahn to Veterans Choice Healthcare - May 6 at 11:52am, Waterville, MN
I am sharing the message I've sent to our Minnesota senators and congressmen. This system is not working! It needs to be fixed immediately!!! I am concerned for our Veterans, with this awful Veterans Choice Healthcare. You guys have got to get rid of this program. My dad has diabetes and macular degeneration. He has to read a graph each day and when the lines are wavy, he needs to get in promptly to have shots injected in his eyes. Before, veterans would obtain an authorization code that would be good for the whole year. Now, under veterans choice, you supposedly have to obtain an authorization code every single time you go to an appt. He called half a dozen states trying to obtain a code, with no success. He made an appointment for his eyes, got a friend to drive him out of town to the appt. and they refused to give him his shots without the code. He is so upset and still hasn't received a code. He can go blind if he doesn't get these shots immediately!!! He asked me to contact all Minnesota senators and congressmen to get on your case and fix this problem! The lady he talked to on the phone while trying to obtain an authorization code, told him it's been a huge problem and he should contact his senators. Please respond on what you will do to fix this situation! Thank you, Teresa Marzahn, Waterville Minnesota
Brian Strauss to Veterans Choice Healthcare - May 6 at 10:07am, San Diego, CA
I tried to use this program for physical therapy and was told to keep appointment until i heard from them. It took over a month and ended up using VA for pt. Because of that they cancelled my authorization. They program scheduled me with some dr that i didnt even want to go to.
B Sue Schlenker - May 4 at 12:18pm
BSue Schlenker You must save everything, get copy of autho's from the Dr for your records. BE SURE the dr has the correct billing address given to you even though they will deny it is the right one at Choice. We have Been a year getting drs paid and the nice ones understand this mess and want to help the VETS. Sadly billing services are caught in the middle and do not get nor understand. DO CALL YOUR STATE REPS TO WASHINGTON AND LOCAL State Reps.
Danielle Muller Jaxson
to Veterans Choice Healthcare - May 3 - 12:39pm
Bahahahahaha!!! What a joke!! Even the health care profession crings and have horrible things to say about Veterans Choice. Veterans Choice is setup to give us the run around, to the point that NOW, when you actually get through all the phone prompts, they transfer you to the department that you need, and once you get there, it gives you a message that states, "our call load is to heavy at this time, please call back in 30 to 60 mins." Really; because this is a merry go round ride with them. You call back in 30 to 60 mins and guess what message you get again + infinity!! They should be jailed for the service that they're providing for us who has given much more than they could ever comprehend!
Scott Motes to Veterans Choice Healthcare - April 30 at 7:33pm
Received authorization for physical therapy back in November and just received a letter saying I wasn't authorized it. How is this possible when I jump through the hoops for you to tell me I qualify and you go through the trouble to send the authorization to tell me several months later I'm now not qualified?
D.j. Diamond Dave Gavronsky to Veterans Choice Healthcare - April 29 at 5:35pm
its those that administer the program that are incompetent ignorant opportunists ripping off our government and giving our vets undeserved bad treatment. I worked for Maximus for just 3 months but what I learned while there may shock you, if anyone out there would like to join together and take legal action please inbox me - dave

Lisa Converse Quaglieri to Veterans Choice Healthcare - April 27 at 5:09pm
Hoping someone may have some insight on this problem. I have a 30% rated disability and have been receiving VA healthcare for years both at VA and being referred to community providers with no problem UNTIL HealthNet. I was approved to have a biopsy to rule-out cancer by HealhNet. Now 2 months later I have received a bill from community facility for over $5000. HealthNet is denying the claim because i have other insurance. Yes I have other ins because my family needs healthcare too (I work at the VA, so this makes it even more ridiculous!). Because of my 30% rated disability I have NEVER submitted claims to my other insurance - never. Actually one time a community provider did send a claim to BCBS in error and BCBS paid. Then the VA called the office and said they needed to return the money because i was referred by VA and VA is responsible. Even my other previous community medical visits were paid by HealthNet. I never submit to my insurance myself. Now - out of the blue - HealthNet says they are not responsible to pay (even tho they told me to have the procedure) just bc I have other insurance. Not to mention I was on the phone with HealthNet employees numerous times before the biopsy and other insurance was never even mentioned!! I have said I am 30% rated disability but no one seems to get it. My VA says they must not be paying because it is a procedure (or I think because it is a claim for more than a couple hundred dollars and they just don't want to pay.) It shouldn't matter if I had a mammogram or a biopsy. How has this changed now all of a sudden? Anyone have any advice or insight? I am so frustrated. I do not know where to even get help anymore!! Our community healthcare providers are going to soon stop working with the VA because they have nothing but problems with HealthNet and this Choice Program.

Dave Mitcheltree Jr. to Veterans Choice - April 26, 2016

Not personally your fault. The system has too many games, too many parties to be involved, and its easier to just give up and deal with problems. Make an appt with primary care provider, prescribed outsourced care. Goes through VA billing to verify coverage. Sent to vets choice 3rd party insurance for acceptance. Get accepted. Keep calling vets choice to verify acceptance. Call outsourced program only to find out vets choice still hasnt contacted them to make appt. Call vets choice again to get them to call outsourced program to set up appts. From beginning to end was 2 and 1/2 month process. THEN I get a letter in the mail stating they cover 3 appts starting the day THEY verified acceptance. I had already lost 2 weeks time from acceptance before my first appt 3 quick appts came and went, received another letter basically stating I have to go through it all over again to get outsourced again. I gave up.

Bill Bard to Veterans Choice Healthcare - April 25 at 7:04pm
Thanks for putting me off again for another week. My hip is not getting any better and neither are you.

Virginia Bell to Veterans Choice Healthcare - April 14
Just to add this in. I work for a provider with the Veteran's Choice Program and they solicit us for new patients. They provide us with the Authorization numbers. We have never been paid for our services. I personally have been fighting with them since September. Every time I call, they can only tell me that the claims need to be reprocessed and to wait another 30-90 days. They never can tell me if there is an issue with the way we send the claims. We have not and will not bill our Veterans for the services. I have just begun to work with our state senator to get payment from Veterans Choice Healthcare.
Donna N James Thomas to Veterans Choice Healthcare - April 14
Donna N James Thomas I had authorization for a visit to get an shoulder injection in October 2015, 2 weeks ago I got a bill from the Dr at radiology clinic. After numerous calls to Dr, VA and Choice, it came to the Dr not filing correctly...but even with Auth # everyone wanted to pass the problem to someone else. The calls & aggravation saved me $270.

Tonya Lynn Blentlinger to Veterans Choice Healthcare - April 4 at 12:55pm
This program is a big joke and waste of time. I am contacting the State Senator for Ohio because this needs fixed now!!!

Vicki Baker Young to Veterans Choice Healthcare - April 1
Vicki Baker Young. I have NEVER gotten the royal run around like this, ever. Every time they tell me they are putting a request through Veterans Choice Healthcare I shake my head and know my life has been shortened yet again. I have a rare service connected disease that (cut off by Facebook)
Kevin Lee Burger to Veterans Choice Healthcare - March 29 · South Lockport, NY
This is by far the most screwed up system I have EVER seen or dealt with in my entire life. I went from a three to four week waiting period to 4 or 5 months. YOU PEOPLE ARE IDIOTS WHEN WE DO FINALLY GET YOU ON THE PHONE ! WHO IN WASHINGTON IS GETTING PAID OFF FOR THIS STUPID ASS SYSTEM? THAT'S REALLY WHAT I WANT TO KNOW?...SIGNED DYING IN Niagara
Vicki Baker Young to Veterans Choice Healthcare - March 29
Veterans Choice is DISGRACEFUL!!! Your phone representatives have NO Idea what they are doing!!! Delaying much needed care will not get us off your back!!!
Bill Evans to Veterans Choice Healthcare - March 28
I had surgery thru Veterans Choice at a non VA hospital. I thought everything was covered. Then I get this letter in from the VA telling me that they rejected my claim. I suppose I am responsible for the bill. I am pissed off right now. If I had known this was going to happen, I would never have had the surgery done and continue suffering. I feel better, but I'm still suffering. There you go. The vets get screwed again.

Troy Hatcher to Veterans Choice Healthcare - March 28
Veterans Choice sucks! I called Veterans Choice on the 1st of February to set up PT for my back & neck. I give the lady the name, address & phone number of the provider that I wanted to see. She told me that I would be receiving a phone call with my appointment information in about a week to 10 days. I didn't get a call back until a few minutes ago. That is 1 month & 26 days & despite the fact that I gave her the contact information for a provider in my city that is on the list on the Veterans Choice provider locator site, they told me that they had set me up for a different provider that is in a different town & across the state line in W.V.
Things worked a lot better for me when I had to deal with the VA when I wanted to use a local provider for PT which is also the one that I gave Veterans Choice the contact information for.

Mary Shindeldecker to Veterans Choice Healthcare - March 28
Is there a number that can be called to complain about lack of service and customer care? Click here...
David Marr
I went ahead and made an appointment with The VAMC. This "Veteran's Choice" sounds like more hassle than it's worth. I don't like driving 140 miles round-trip, but I don't like the idea of my credit getting screwed up because Veteran's Choice doesn't pay the bill. I'd have to drive there anyway to take them my prescriptions. It doesn't sound like Veteran's Choice was ready for "prime time". Maybe by the time the program expires they'll get their act together.
James Martin to Veterans Choice Healthcare March 23 at 2:04am 
My experience any day I try to navigate the VA Healthcare, Veterans Choice Program. AAAARRRRGGGGGGGG
Kathleen Ohara to Veterans Choice Healthcare March 22 at 9:27am  
You poeple do not take care of vets. Just got off the phone and all I got was excuses. Going to contact my congressman
US Marine Mar 21, 2016
WHY, WHY, WHY is all this ""BS"" Still going on and NOT being fixed but getting WORST????? .................................... http://www.mvtimes.com/2016/02/17/federal-officials-get-an-earful-from-marthas-vineyard-veterans/?
David Marr to Veterans Choice Healthcare March 20 at 12:22pm 
I have a question maybe someone can answer. I live over 70 miles from my nearest VA and have my Veteran's Choice Card. If a local doctor orders labs or other tests are these tests covered? I've already been told I would have to bring any prescriptions into The VA to get them filled. Having to drive to my VAMC for my prescriptions and tests seems to defeat the entire purpose of the program for me.
Veterans Choice Healthcare 
The Vets Choice program has to authorize the drs visits and then make your appt. The authorization will cover whatever the doctor asks under that authorization. But it is not always covered so the best thing to do is ask them when you get the appt. from them. I went in for an authorized visit and the Doctor ordered an immediate biopsy..... they covered it....... but ask first!!
Virginia Bell to Veterans Choice Healthcare March 18 at 8:27pm
Are there any Veteran's Choice providers on here? Have you ever been paid for any of your services? Would love to hear from you.
Amy Dotson to Veterans Choice Healthcare March 16 at 5:23pm · Jackson, MO, United States 
I just spent over an hour trying to find out what is going on with my referrals or SARs that were submitted initially on Jan 27th, then resubmitted because they couldn't find them on Feb 24th, and once again yesterday. They keep saying they can't see any record of them. I am beyond frustrated. My doctor's office has confirmation sheets that the faxes went through.
Veterans Choice Healthcare
Unfortunately... welcome to the world of Veterans Choice......sorry for your dilemna. I used to call everyday to track things....... sometimes they would tell me I was in the system... I would hang up and call back and the next person would tell me a differrent story..... I just kept calling. Remember you are your best advocate..... you might be on the phone a lot ut it's the only way to get it done.....
Jennifer M Jensen to Veterans Choice Healthcare March 11 at 5:21pm · Tacoma, WA, United States
Zouli Pious read all the visitor posts here to see what a scam it is.
Gordon Cain to Veterans Choice Healthcare   March 10 at 7:57pm
Had a visit with patient advocate at Lake Nona today regarding my primary care dr.
When I brought up the Choice program she rolled her eyes in disgust stating complaints from vets and the outside doctors are through the roof. Is taking up to a years for the doctor or hospital to get paid.
Mary Wilson
Every Vet is a Hero, they definitely deserve our love, care, protection and most of all help especially with medical attention I saw this an actually got sick to my stomach, not because of the story but that "VETERANS CHOICE" would actually act like they care Our experience with them is completely rude, disgraceful, lack of care, concern of a veteran and their family and their complete lack of education as to who they are, what they are suppose to do. The worst and possibly one of the most negligent organizations for vets. Heartbreaking
Veterans Choice Healthcare February 25 at 10:26am
I am listening to Mix 96.7, a radio station in New Hampshire. Today they are featuring an Easter Seals affilated program called "Veterans Count". The lady representing them is Renee Plummer. While she was on the air, by the reports we are getting, two Veterans took there own lives. 22 Veterans commit suicide everyday as a result of PTSD. Between a lot of giggling and happy banter they did manage to give out phone #'s for people to call if they or someone they know needs help. She repeatedly said "we don't know where you are... please call us". For one thing she could look at this page to find plenty of them. I put this page up and got many responses as you can see. So, more information can't hurt? Here are their numbers and contacts at "Veterans Count": Joe Emmons jtemmons@eastersealsnh.org 603-621-3570 and Chrystn Fisher cfisher@eastersealsnh.org 603-315-4354 and don't forget!!! Healthnet's VA Program Executive Donna Hoffmeier / direct phone 571-227-6474. Thank you for your service and God Bless!
Gary Way to Veterans Choice Healthcare February 24 at 4:19pm
This program is a great concept, but it is severely broken. It is miserable for the Vet and a time consuming mess for many healthcare providers that do try to help the Vet. Congressman, Governors, no one will respond or help. It appears that this was simply political eyewash.
Cocoa Trina Brown to Veterans Choice Healthcare -  February 22 at 10:16am
This program has very poor services! I have been authorized services but Choice just can't seem to get me an authorization number for me to see an outside provider. Every time I call I get a different reason why they don't have my authorization number or don't have an appt. set up. I have been without service since last Dec. I thought this program was suppose to improve the care of Veterans but it seems to have only made things worst!!! No one knows what they are doing and it's very disappointing.
Veterans Choice Healthcare - February 17 at 10:42am
In reponse to Ranee who commented on a link shared on Facebook:
Hi Ranee... I apologize for our Government and the way Vets are treated.....Your local VA hospital has an advocate for people with problems, but when I called them this morning they had a recording telling people that have problems to call 1-866-606-1898...CAN YOU IMAGINE???? They want you to call Vets Choice AGAIN!!!!! Instead call this person :
Healthnet's VA Program Executive
Donna Hoffmeier / direct phone 571-227-6474 Headquarters 818-676-6000
21650 Oxnard Street, Los Angeles, CA 91367....
perhaps if enough of us call this Leader??? something will happen...
Ranee Leider to Veterans Choice Healthcare - February 17 at 12:02pm
I've created a petition that I'm hoping people will sign and share to spread awareness. https://www.change.org/p/healthnet-s-va-program-executive-donna-hoffmeier-tell-the-veterans-choice-program-that-not-all-appointments-are-created-equally?recruiter=145506245  Long story short: I desperately need my gallbladder surgically removed and the VA referred me over to the Veterans Choice Program. Because the VCP has NO WAY TO PRIORITIZE APPOINTMENTS, I am forced to wait WEEKS in debilitating pain for my surgery. Please take one moment to sign this petition so no other Veteran has to go through what I'm going through! Thank you!
Warren E LaFever to Veterans Choice Healthcare - February 17
The choice program (as it relates to me) has neither been convenient or quick. The appointment they made for me was only a week sooner and in a town I don't live near. This program has a long way to go from my point of view. I am 0% satisfied right now and the choice program essentially wasted my time for the last two weeks. I am keeping my VA appointment instead of taking the choice appointment.?
Dave Mitcheltree Jr. to Veterans Choice Healthcare February 16 at 10:32am
Getting the runaround. Was informed by my outsourced chiropractor that choice has denied my coverage until I make ANOTHER appt with primary care provider to get authorization again, then I can continue to be seen. That was devember 2015. Made appt, got paperwork sent throigh to choice, got authorization from choice, gave them info sbout chiropractic firm I went to, they said they eould call them, mak appts and call me back. That was January 27 2016. Chiropractic office just called me this am, and is windering if I heard anything from choice. I called choice and the "system crashed". Funny. It takes me to call, give them.my info and their system "crashed". I asjed fi a supervisor and there is nit one on staff and I am t try again later. WTF?????
Ejima Oyibo - February 12 at 4:53pm
Remeber that back pain management appt I was supposed to have in December well thanks to general incompetence and negligence ONCE AGAIN from The VA healthcare system I just got a call verifying an appointment after 2 months of agitated calls from both myself and my doctors office. Ironically this is through the supposed Veterans Choice Healthcare program which is supposed to cut down service times to 30 days... been waiting over 3 months... this system is broken and I still got to wait till the end of this month to start treatment.Veterans Find VA 'Choice' Care Program Has DelaysThe Department of Veterans Affairs had one month to enroll William Lloyd Johnson III into its "choice" care program after he received knee-replacement surgery and rehabilitation at Augusta's Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center.MILITARY.COM
Ejima Oyibo
not if you find a good job in the private sector that offers healthcare or get some sort of tricare benefit
Mark Anthony
Still fucked up on how they treat their veterans tho
David Roy - February 12 at 5:20pm
This is the case and point of socialized medical care
Robert Masengale - February 12 at 5:23pm
The VA has been vastly improving in my experience.
James Martin to Veterans Choice Healthcare - February 11 at 11:01pm
Ive been having the same problems with this program...1 business day turned into 12 then 10 then "we don't care and we hope you die first."
James Furnas  - Feb 11
First off this program and the VA have ultimately fucked me over. I served 14 years and two deployments as a cavalry scout. 26 months in country destroying my body and mind over this time during intense combat operations where I was outside the wire every day. I have had numerous physical injuries and my body finally broke this past year with my shoulder tearing itself out of its socket and destroying the labrum and tendons holding it on. I was still forced to go into the field during this last year on a bradley fighting vehicle and that beast broke me to the point where the VA was just feeding me strong painkillers to get me through. I wanted to wait until my civilian seasonal job ended in october to have surgery so i did, letting the VA continue to just dope me up with painkillers. I heard from two different doctors in and out of the VA that I needed surgery. One of these doctors took me two months to even get a consult to see from the VA Choice program. I had to call everyday and go back and forth between the VA and Veterans choice while they both told me it was the other entities job to fill out the paperwork and send it to them. This included hour long wait times, getting hung up on, and trying to deny they even knew what was going on with approving me for surgery. I get back to see a VA doctor because by this time my orthopedic appointment there had come up, went to the VA orthopedic guys, ( A University Resident who had no fucking clue what he was doing) Said no you dont need surgery, try physical therapy and this corticosteroid shot. Well I tell them I'm in a lot of pain and they say try this first. Corticosteroid shot works for a couple months but still some pain and feel like my shoulder is hanging out of its socket. I move, go through a period of instability, cant work because my shoulder is fucked up then am seen at a different VA hospital near my hometown where the doctor immediately tells me he has been doing this 40 years, I need major reconstructive surgery, and the guys at the minneapolis VA are dumbasses and they probably made it worse giving me a corticosteroid shot. So now a couple months out from going to work, tryng to get surgery so I can heal and go back to work, I have been going back and forth between veterans choice and the VA healthcare system in Minneapolis getting hung up on, dealing with people that dont have a clue as to who is supposed to send what paperwork where when I was previously approved for the veterans choice program a couple months ago and now they have told me to wait one, then twelve, then ten business days just to even schedule an appointment. Now I wont have time to have my surgery, wont be able to go back to work and am going completely bankrupt in this process. Fuck these assholes and our leaders that worked the dogshit out of us, broke us and dont have the moral aptitude to fix us so we can go back to our normal lives.Sincerely,James Furnas
Laura Keib - February 8 at 7:17pm
I have written a letter to my local Senator about the problems with the Veterans Choice Program. My doctor put in my consult back on January 22, 2016. I still haven't been able to get an appointment with a Non-VA Care Provider. They keep telling me there is a problem, but won't tell me what the problem is. The VA no longer cares about Veterans. We have to beg and plead for medications and referrals to specialists. It's not right!!!!!
Laura Keib - February 8, at 3:41pm
What a Joke!!! Last year, it only took a week to get an appointment with a provider outside the VA. This time, it's taken 6 weeks to even get someone to talk to about it!! After my doctor put in the referral, someone conveniently "forgot" to put me on their Veteran's Choice List (my PCP wrote everything in her referral - EVERYTHING they needed to get me through the system!) I have called Health Net and I have called Hines (my VA Medical Center) and talked to someone in the Non-VA Care Department about this. She tells me there's a problem with something about me, but won't tell me what it is. She just keeps telling me, she's working on it. When I tried to call Health Net back, I was on hold for 15 minutes before I hung up. I so wish I had Private Insurance again
Veterans Choice Healthcare - February 4, 4:10pm
Sorry Bill... happens a lot... I am being charged for a biopsy my ENT doctor wnated to do. I was in his office, he thought I cancer and wanted to do a biopsy.... nobody in the room ever thought it would take 5 to 10 business days for that approval...nobody in the room was gouing to wait for anything ...... I HAD CANCER... we never asked. If I would have waited I may not have beat it in the long run ........and now I am being hit with a 830 dollar bill. BROKEN SYSTEM NEEDS ATTENTION IMMEDIATELY BECAUSE THIS GUY BILL DOES RIGHT NOW!!!!! God Bless you Bill.
Bill Evans - February 2 - 1:29pm
I got an authorization to see a surgeon last Wednesday, January 27. The surgeon said that I need surgery for my gallbladder. He wanted to do the surgery the next Tuesday (which is today) and they were all set to get me pre oped for surgery. Then I get a call from the surgeon's office saying they now need an authorization for the surgery to performed. I have been suffering for so long and finally see something is going to be done. I saw a light at the end of tunnel and the light went out. So I sit here in pain having to wait longer. I don't understand. If I was authorized to see a surgeon and he recommended surgery, you would think that the surgery would automatically authorized.
Dick Ziminski to Veterans Choice Healthcare  February 1 · Salida, CO 
Veterans Choice programs the most unorganized "organization" I have ever had the misfortune of trying to get service from!!! The savings of not having to drive 21/2 hrs one way is wasted by the time on hold and the time it takes them to schedule whatever type medical services you need. I receive appointment notices two weeks after the appointment date!!! They SUCK!!!!
Greg Brooks (Veterans Choice Healthcare) - February 1 (here's more of the reasons I started this website)
Now four weeks into this journey (on the phone for a minimum of 1 hour a day, everyday).... "Angelica" answers.... yes sir we received the request January 29th and I will personally get an authorization number and someone will schedule an appointment for you. I asked how long that will take? 24 to 48 business hours. I asked her if she would like to know if I am going on vacation next week so as not to schedule an appt. then? She said "sure" and said she put it in the notes... so for a request that went in January 3rd I am now waiting for an appointment that will probably not take place until at least February 16th.... see Barry and Hillary... the system's working .... and Barry and Hillary, before you quote me, "I was being sarcastic".
Veterans Choice Healthcare - January 29 at 1:03pm
After 1 hr and 15 minutes "Shawney" the supervisior who can't give her last name or phone number told me she would call my provider to see what the problem was. I said "how do I check back with you"... she said she would call... wait let me guess "in 5 to 10 business days?????
Diane C. Rogers  January 30 at 4:47pm
Shawnee promised to mail documents to my husband's provider which never arrived.
Veterans Choice Healthcare  January 29 at 12:43pm 
I am currently on hold with Choice... I have called everyday (this can be documented) for three weeks to get an authorization to continue treatments I am getting for a side affect of radiation treatment. This is something that had a prior auth # and was merely an extension or request for additional services. Last week I spoke to a Supervisor (Eric) who said he would make this his personal reponsibility to make sure this got pushed through... that was after me calling everyday for two weeks... a week later I am on hold waiting for a Supervisior because the person at the call center told me..."Yes we found it (this is the fourth time someone ("found it) and because of the problems I have they were going to rush order the authorization. I asked her "how long will that take?" Guess what my answer was???? Veterans Choice only answer "That will take 5 to 10 business days". So I asked to speak to a supervisor.....i I have now been on this call for 1:01:08 and now the supervisor lady told me my Dr. never sent the request so I should call them and have it sent over and then it would take 5 TO F'IN 10 BUSINESS DAYS..... unbelievable.. thankfully I have a rash, not a life threatening illness.... Hey US Government....how many more must DIE?
Diane C. Rogers to Veterans Choice Healthcare January 30 at 4:58pm 
Words to describe interactions with Healthnet:
frustrated, appalled, bemused, insulted, awkward, negligent, incompetent, inefficient, amateur, fraud, skim, misrepresentation, shake-down, dupe, pilfer, filch, and fast one.
Michele Robles to Veterans Choice Healthcare January 29 at 7:51pm
It's Friday afternoon and we have gotten a letter from one provider that $1700 worth of services provided have been "denied" months after the appointment and another provider left a voice mail message that the authorization - that their doctor requested and we never received a copy of - has expired. Everyone has reassured us that everything was covered and they would take care of the authorizations and it all falls apart in one day!
Mary Wilson to Veterans Choice Healthcare January 29 at 3:35am
Here is our Choice.......Please go away You are Literally Killing us and at a faster rate than the VA
Michele Robles to Veterans Choice Healthcare January 26 at 2:56pm
There is a limited number of healthcare providers willing to accept Veterans Choice patients and the number is dwindling due to extremely slow payment. For example, our local health care system received an authorization. The service was provided and billed in May; they received payment in November. I am not aware of any government agency that would be willing to wait 6 months for payment.
Mary Wilson to Veterans Choice Healthcare January 18 at 5:00am
I truly believe that this is the governments way of stealing more money, offering non existent healthcare to Veterans only to watch them DIE a slow agonizing Death. Choice as a name is a JOKE, there is NO CHOICE One example: three referrals since October by the same PCP to see same Doctor/Department, no action. Twice Choice said sorry, there is no doctor in your area... Here's the kicker: "What do you want us to do?" Third request, same PCP this time he specified VA Hospital and the special department. Well, yup, you guessed it.... Choice called us again just to say again, no doctor in the area. My hubby has a few things going on and we finally ended up at local emergency room only to be told, in addition to reason we were there, that the other issue, you know - the one that NO Doctor is available in our area, well that problem is bigger and worse. Now I don't know about you, but I will go any where, hopefully in our home country, but I will find medical care for my husband and not wait for death as the VA would like. Oh, and I might add, this is scary, he is also 100% service connected.... So, any happy stories to share, or is the same BS happening in your Lives & Areas?????
Mary Wilson to Veterans Choice Healthcare - January 18 at 5:00am 
I truly believe that this is the governments way of stealing more money, offering non existent healthcare to Veterans only to watch them DIE a slow agonizing Death.Choice as a name is a JOKE, there is NO CHOICE One example: three referrals since October by the same PCP to see same Doctor/Department, no action. Twice Choice said sorry, there is no doctor in your area... Here's the kicker: "What do you want us to do?"Third request, same PCP this time he specified VA Hospital and the special department. Well, yup, you guessed it.... Choice called us again just to say again, no doctor in the area. My hubby has a few things going on and we finally ended up at local emergency room only to be told, in addition to reason we were there, that the other issue, you know - the one that NO Doctor is available in our area, well that problem is bigger and worse. Now I don't know about you, but I will go any where, hopefully in our home country, but I will find medical care for my husband and not wait for death as the VA would like. Oh, and I might add, this is scary, he is also 100% service connected....So, any happy stories to share, or is the same BS happening in your Lives & Areas?????
Lee Taylor to Veterans Choice Healthcare -  January 15 at 9:16pm
Veterans Choice IS A JOKE. It is being run like the VA that MURDERED Vets in the VA system. Now they are trying to MURDER them in their homes. THEIR WORTHLESS employees and everyone in their program should be HEAVILY FINED and JAILED FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES AS THE TERRORISTS THEY ARE. They Promise things and it turns out to be a LIE EVERY TIME. They BULLY and THREATEN EVERY TIME. NONE of them has EVER told the truth these IDIOTS could not get a REAL job so the gov. hires them and everyone ...

Lee Taylor to Veterans Choice Healthcare January 15 at 9:14pm
This so called program IS A FALLACY and a LIE to the Vets and the American People. The idiots they have on the phones are a refection of the people that are behind this thing in any way. That is that they NEVER do anything right, They are BULLIES, LAIRS, IDIOTS and A Holes and will Lie CHEAT and STEAL and all of them should be fined for everything they and their families will ever have and be thrown in JAIL in GETMO for the TERRORIST that they all are and they need SHUT DOWN NOW and FOREVER and never let out of getmo and anything they have or ever owned and it paid to the VETS that they have been put in charge to SERVE and they act like they HATE EVERYONE OF US and its the same statement I get from EVERY VET AND VSO in my area in the whole state. These low lifes should be ASHAMED of themselves.
Diane C. Rogers to Veterans Choice Healthcare  - January 14 at 1:30pm
List of places to write and complain about Veterans Choice
Panel I
The Honorable Sloan D. Gibson, Deputy Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs
Accompanied by:
Dr. James Tuchschmidt, Acting Principal Deputy Under Secretary for Health
Mr. David J. McIntyre, President and Chief Executive Officer, TriWest Healthcare Alliance
Ms. Donna Hoffmeier, Vice President, VA Services and PCCC Program Manager, HealthNet Federal Services
Mr. Roscoe Butler, Deputy Director for Health Care for The American Legion
Mr. Darin Selnick, Senior Veterans Affairs Advisor for Concerned Veterans for America
Mr. Joseph Violante, National Legislative Director for Disabled American Veterans
Mr. Bill Rausch, Political Director for Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America
Mr. Carlos Fuentes, Senior Legislative Associate for Veterans of Foreign Wars
Member Statements
Senator Patty Murray ( D - WA)

Sean Chapman to Veterans Choice Healthcare  - January 11 at 2:00pm · Meridianville, AL
Called on 12-30-2015 to schedule an appointment that met requirements to use Choice Program. Got my authorization number and the person on the phone that day said they were sending it over to scheduling department. Called on 01-06-2016...person on this day said that the person on 12-30-2015 hadn't sent it over to scheduling. Said she would send it over to scheduling. Called today which is 01-11-2016 and the girl today said that the two prior people had not sent it over to scheduling and that she would send it over. Question is...how do people work there and not do their job? Two people failed to send it to be scheduled. This program is so that veterans having to wait longer than 30 days can get appointments sooner. Sounds to me like this program is just as bad as the VA when it comes to scheduling and lies.
Della Baronessa to Veterans Choice Healthcare - January 11 at 1:19pm 
Veteran"s Choice is either Broken or has incompetent staff.
Sue Schlenker to Veterans Choice Healthcare - January 9 at 8:42pm 
Anthing new Scott?? Any word or help or action? A new year...new changes? Keep us posted thank you.
Jessica Kelley January 6 at 3:07pm
This program is a joke. Was notified of an appt 11Dec for 27Jan, provider called me 05Jan to notify me of my appt on 06Jan, thanks for notifying Veterans Choice of changing my appt! Not like anyone veteran has a job or people who depend on them with proper planning and already established appointments
Donna Marsh Overacker - January 4 at 3:10pm
Husband tries to get appointment with his rheumatologist in November. Was told that they are booked four months out, he was given the number to contact the Veterans Choice, which we did. Couple of weeks go by and nothing. Call them up, refferal was canceled because of no diagnosis. Called VA, got that straightened out. Its the middle of December by this point. Didn't hear anything through the holidays. This morning got a email from his pcm, refferal was turned down because the OKC VA offered rheumatology. Call the clinic up to make an appointment and was told they are still booked up until March! ***bangs head on desk***
Brenda Kay Richards to Veterans Choice Healthcare - December 29, 2015 at 9:44pm 
So, I contacted the VA in early October about using the Veterans Choice option which is available to me since the local VA clinic isn't able to provide me with an appointment to see a physician earlier than Feb 2016. After nearly three months of weekly phone calls, I received a letter on Monday which informed me that I finally have an appointment with a doctor on 7 January at 1:40 pm in Rocky Ford, Colorado which is 94.1 miles away from where I live and a pleasant 1 hour and 33 minute drive (give or take). Okay Veterans Administration, I give up. You folks win. I am done. I'm not going to fight with you anymore. I'm tossing in the towel and slapping the mat three times in defeat.
Scott Yates to Veterans Choice Healthcare December 22, 2015 at 4:12pm · South Fayette, WV  
As a result of the scandal that revealed the extraordinary waiting times we, the veterans, were experiencing through the VA healthcare system, this program was born. Well, it's still a joke. If we get a scheduled appointment outside of thirty days, they put us into the choice program. I admit, in this particular case for me, it's not an emergency. It's an optometry appointment for new glasses. Given an appointment at the VA for Feb. 1 and told Vet choice would contact me in 7-14 days. They called about a week later. Fine. Took my info and told would be called in 5-7 days with appointment later. 2 days later got another call. Great. Told appointment would be Jan. 22. 31 days away, still outside the thirty day window! And about 45 days from when I first made my original appointment, and a mere 7 days earlier than Feb. 1. I'm certainly glad, in this instance, I don't need to see a cardiologist, neurologist, etc. I will be writing a formal complaint regarding this and contacting a friend in the media to see if she wants to do a story about it. Very unsatisfied with this program that was obviously put in place simply as a display of "doing something about it" without actually fixing the problem. The VA's way to make John Q. Public think they care and try and shut veterans up.
Gordon Cain to Veterans Choice Healthcare - December 21, 2015 at 5:14pm · University Park, FL 
Another example of the gross inefficiency of Health Net services. Received two letters for authorization for treatment ( one for doctor, other for surgery). Date on both letters: 12-11-2015 Date received: 12-21-2015 Seriously? It takes 10 freaking days to post? Suspect that some poor minimum wage stiff has a pile of letters to run through the automatic folder and stuff into an envelope. 10 days?!
Brenda Kay Richards - December 29, 2015 at 9:44pm
So, I contacted the VA in early October about using the Veterans Choice option which is available to me since the local VA clinic isn't able to provide me with an appointment to see a physician earlier than Feb 2016. After nearly three months of weekly phone calls, I received a letter on Monday which informed me that I finally have an appointment with a doctor on 7 January at 1:40 pm in Rocky Ford, Colorado which is 94.1 miles away from where I live and a pleasant 1 hour and 33 minute drive (give or take). Okay Veterans Administration, I give up. You folks win. I am done. I'm not going to fight with you anymore. I'm tossing in the towel and slapping the mat three times in defeat.
?Patricia Binder-John? to Veterans Choice Healthcare December 20, 2015 at 11:43amExtremely frustrating program. If it doesn't take me two weeks to pick up a phone and make a Dr appointment, what is the problem with Veterans Choice? I called everyday last week and no one has made me a Dr appointment yet! Are you kidding me?
Patricia Binder John -  December 16 at 5:24pm
I called into the Veterans Choice line today to see if they have an appointment for me to see an orthopedic specialist. The rep says she sees in my notes where they had conferenced me in with a orthopedic clinic in Roswell Ga and I agreed to an appointment there....ummm I don't think soooo! I don't know who they were talking to but it wasn't me.
Scott Considine - December 16 at 3:37pm
This ridiculous...my VA doc told me it would be 3 months before I can see a ortho doc. So to wait for a call from VA Choice...well I waited. Then I called. They told me I was supposed to call them...that's here or there. They asked what doc I would like to see. They would call them and they would call me for an appointment. I've called back to CHOICE...and nothing! So now on HOLD again.....SOMEONE TALK TO ME AND FIX THIS!
Michele Robles - December 15 at 9:55pm
I don't want to jinx it but I want to say that we have had an enormous victory with Veterans Choice. I will share the details after its all over in case everything falls apart. But I will say it is based on having two healthcare providers who have learned the system and one angel at Health Net who I will forever be grateful to. With all of them working together they may be able to save my husband's life.
B Sue Schlenker to Veterans Choice Healthcare  - November 23
Check this link out LINK. Please post all your experiences. Choice is now NOT PAYIng the drs. Billing the VETS; then saying dont worry about it and now VETS are getting BILLED and affecting their credit ratings. 
Gordon Cain Update:  November 19 at 4:26pm
Called the doctor's office - they had not received the Guarantee of Payment as promised by "Fonda" two days ago. Called VetChoice line, spoke with "Tina" who told me that it appears that it did not get completed. Learned that the information entered by "Fonda" was inaccurate. Supposedly she update and corrected the request - will follow up with the doctor's office in the morning.?
Gordon Cain November 19 at 3:15pm
Give me a match and show me where to ignite it.This program is grossly inept. Six weeks of calling the appointment line, no call backs, when an appointment was made I found out only when I called back. Received the mail advising me on the day of the appointment, which was moot because the doctor does not accept HealthNet and canceled the appointment the day before.After several more calls I told the call center staff (they are not VA and have no medical knowledge) I would make my own appointment, got the auth#, made an appointment, then called them and advised who I was going to see.
Gavin Kelleher to Veterans Choice Healthcare - November 13 at 8:06pm
Veterans should be given a medical card , that allows them to see any doctor , anywhere , anytime , period.....
Ted L. Piner to Veterans Choice Healthcare - November 9 at 5:57pm
The Veterans Choice Healthcare is a joke. My primary care doctor put in for pain management 4 months ago. He put in for neurosurgery consult 2 months ago. The program scheduled me an appointment 5 hours away for neurosurgery. I got there and had no appointment. Spent 2 hours on the phone between receptionist and Choice. I get home and in my mailbox is an appointment for a chiropractor. I do not want or need a chiropractor. Well after 4 months they have given me a pain manage...
Donna N James Thomas to Veterans Choice Healthcare - November 9 at 12:50pm
Just spent 2 hours 37 minutes on hold with Veterans Choice. I originally had an injury in August. Went through the regular steps at the VA. To determine what wad wrong. Then I was shuffled off to Veterans Choice to get an appointment for an MRI. That took two weeks. After the MRI it was determined I needed to see a specialist. Another week and a half. The specialist said I needed an injection under floroscope for my injury prior to physical therapy. He marked it "ASAP". So, here we sit. It's been two weeks and I've been on hold with Veterans Choice for 2.5 hours moved from one person to another. Apparently there had been an authorization number generated, but now after all this waiting I'm informed, "the phone system for appointments is down." I've been in pain now for two months going on three, and I'm being held up by a phone system? I think the most repulsive thing about this is these people have the audacity to end all their phone calls with, "We thank you for your service." I'm still waiting for help. Stand by.?
Dustin Burrows to Veterans Choice Healthcare
I personally work at the Kansas based V|C Inbound & Appointing office currently. I just wanted to point out some rather dangerous advice I keep seeing repeated... It is extremely unwise to advise vets to get an authorization number over the phone and make their own appointments. Part of the appointing team's job is to verify eligibility, not only for the vet, but the provider as well. They need to be aware and agreeable to the terms of the authorization.. there is criteria for eligibility.. etc...Do you know what happens when a provider gets their claim denied, or otherwise cannot collect? They bill the vet.. And part of the paperwork you fill out before being seen at the provider's office assumes ultimate liability for the cost of care, making it not only legal to do so, but also more common than you might imagine. I probably talk to at LEAST one vet per day who is getting sent to collections because they followed similar advice as I keep seeing posted. If you've got any questions about how business is conducted, fire away... I can tell you anything you might want to know.
Dustin Burrows
I work for Choice personally, in HealthNet's domain. I have a couple things to offer regarding this comment. First, Doma is instantaneous, when you call us for the first time, we fill out a form where we ask you you're pref providers, outside insurance and availability. We then upload that document to DOMA. Two seconds later, I can refresh my page, and that document is available for anyone to see anywhere on the network. What that means is, when the agent says he needs a consult and an eligibility form, it is because he is looking under your SSN and not finding it. He refers you to the VA, and sends them a message requesting it. Usually, the VA will tell the vet they sent it already.. If that were the case, we would have seen it.. I have rarely seen the V|A upload them until at LEAST three to four days after they refer the vet to us, and sometimes not at all. What they do for all that time I cannot say, but I CAN tell you, when it IS done, the actual process takes far less than a minute. Per the V|A, we are in violation of our contract if we work an authorization without these documents.P.S. We are permitted to appoint with any Dr in the PC3 network, or in the Medicare.gov database. P.S.S. You are going to bame me for saying so, but in the above story..V|C is not the replacement for your V|A care, it's another option. We try to get cases worked faster through V|C than the vet would get with the V|A. We do not alway succeed. Neurosurgery is one of the top specialties that are hard to appoint. No surgeon is going to accept your referral without a consult, which, incidentally, is more like a referral than an "authorization from the doctor".. It contains biometric data, a med list, known complications, allergies case notes, a diagnosis and a treatment plan. Basically, it's much more difficult to do for this reason, I cant fax your health data to whomever I want, and yet the provider will not see you unless he can read your files and cherry pick his patients. The next time the V|A tells you they already uploaded all your stuff, ask them for the document ID numbers... Everything in DOMA gets a unique identifier when it gets uploaded. I bet you a thousand bucks they won't be able to.
Gordon Cain to Veterans Choice Healthcare - November 6 at 4:06pm · University Park, FL
An addendum to my last post, ejoy:"An Inquiry into the Persistence of Unwisdom in Government."The following is an excerpt from an essay lecture presented to the United States Military Academy in 1979, entitled "An Inquiry into the Persistence of Unwisdom in Government." (Barbara Tuchman; 1912-1989)...See MoreUSMA Library Digital CollectionsDIGITAL-LIBRARY.USMA.EDU
Gordon Cain? to Veterans Choice Healthcare November 6 at 4:03pm · University Park, FL
Here is some information that you may find useful.When calling the Choice # 866-606-8198 understand that you are NOT dealing with anyone connected with the VA - these people are call center employees whose company has contracted to field these calls. They nothing about medical conditions and do not understand the potential risk to our health with these needs.What you can do: Get the Authorization number from the person. It will be in the form of yyyymmddauthorization######Look up the doctors in your area athttp://www.healthnetpc3provider.com/p3c/Call that doctor, confirm they are part of the HealthNet program, make your appointment, give then the authorization number and tell them to call 866-606-8198 and HealthNet will coordinate the payment details with them.I have been screwing around with the call center's incompetence for 6 weeks. Called today, was very pleasant to the person on the phone, explained my dilemma and asked to speak with a manager/supervisor. Realizing that was doing me no good simply asked for the AUTH # and said I would make the appointment following the steps outlined above. Much Success.?
Gordon Cain to Veterans Choice Healthcare - November 5,  University Park, FL
Amazed at how incompetent this program is. After 5 weeks of calling was finally told an appointment had been made. The only way I learned this? I called the VetChoice line. The day before the appt the doctor's office called stating they no longer accepted the program. No doctor visit. Called VetChoice again (now 6 weeks) and was told I would get a call back within a day. Nope.
Sue Schlenker Nov 3rd, 6:52pm
We are in Northern NH. Choice just keeps coming back to haunt us; wish he never used it. Now he has taken full MCare etc ast cost to us over 100% VA. Will got to VT for eyes etc. Great page...thank you for doing this.
Sue Schlenker Nov 3rd, 6:54pm
ps my husband  had hernia surg in 2013 at WRiver went well. ER Knee surg in 14 went bad to worst...all I can say. Choice seem to be answer to much. So disappointed.
Joni Mulvania to Veterans Choice Healthcare - October 29 at 8:25am
Absolutely impossible to use...I called my VA pr yesterday and told her they win i give up. Thanks for the wheelchair tho.....sickening!
Bill Elbode to Veterans Choice Healthcare
If I die waiting for veterans choice to get me in at least my wife will be rich
Teresa Osborn to Veterans Choice Healthcare - October 26 at 1:37pm
I was just enrolled in Veterans Choice ( which it seems my clinic here does not know how to send a consult to VC ????) today and had some hope till I started reading these post. Looks like the same nightmare I have already been going through. Oh dear Lord will it ever end?
Gordon Cain to Veterans Choice Healthcare - October 26 at 12:26pm · University Park, FL 
Program is a disaster. This is the 4th week in a row - promises made - care approved - no appointment. Dealing with local VA NVCC Team, Integrated
Bill Elbode to Veterans Choice Healthcare - October 23 at 7:33am 
Bill Elbode to Veterans Choice Healthcare - October 23 at 7:28am 
Wow, the government wonders why vets are killing themselves at a rate of 22 a day. Obama, maybe you need to check the dumb ass program you started to ensure vets are getting the help they need. I have talked to over 10 vets who tried to use this stupid ass choice program and all ten weren't able to use it because of the bullshit they had to go through. I have been waiting for 3 months for an appointment to be told they requested service on the wrong body part. What if I was a ptsd vet who really needed help and I found out the service was for something totally different then what I needed? It might not have gone well. Thank god I don't have ptsd and thank God I can blow this off but just what if I couldnt. Sad day that we have a dumb ass president who makes up a fake program to make himself look good. The vets know you are a farce obammmer. Go away idiot and let's get a potus who cares about our vets.
Toinika Simmons to Veterans Choice Healthcare - October 16 at 4:33pm 
I have been assigned to Veteran choice healthcare ( TRI West) and I have been given the runaround. I have spoken to several supervisors Felicia and Tom and other representatives one named Allen who assured me that someone would call me back. This has not happened finally they book an appointment for December 1. Really the main reason I choice this program was to get an appointment within 30 days. This is upsetting and I will never recommend this service to another veteran. They lie and do not follow through I have recordings and my phone record to show how many times I have called and you can listen to the lies they have told me. This service sucks. The VA has a better system than this one.
Albert Harper to Veterans Choice Healthcare - October 13 at 11:26pm
The VA, Veterans Choice and the provider keep playing the blame game on each other. There still is no accountability. Just one excuse after another.
Lisa Wingo White to Veterans Choice Healthcare - October 13 at 3:07pm 
A Ct scan was ordered for my husband on August 4th to check on a possible thoracic aortic aneurysm. We heard from Tri-West on October 6th and he had the CT done today. Is this considered expedient care?
Bill Elbode to Veterans Choice Healthcare - October 13 at 2:44pm 
Great job veterans choice. You gave me an appointment to a place that can't take care of my needs. I figured this was a farce to make veterans think you cared. Fuck off and u hope you get sued
Bill Elbode to Veterans Choice Healthcare - October 10 at 10:58pm
I have been trying to get help from veterans affairs for outside va facility for months. I need to be put to sleep because of my severe claustrophobia. I was told to use veterans choice in august. So now I'm still waiting because there are three people at veterans choice who don't think they need to do their jobs. I'm in severe pain and I just wish once in my life I can have no stress In getting my needs met without lying veterans choice workers telling me they gave me a authorization number but they really didnt. It's a sad day when a supervisor promised me she would get me the help I so dearly need but I find out she didnt. I don't know what is wrong and this all important mri will give some insight. The workers who lied to me are as follows: supervisor Nativity I'd number C975370, worker Brianna C 912247 she told me they don't have a i.d. number but her supervisor made her give it to me and the third one is Ann C 908644
Ted L. Piner to Veterans Choice Healthcare - October 9 at 3:40pm
This Choice program is crappy. My VA provider put in a consult for pain management 2 months ago. I called every few days still no appoinment. They claim no pain management clinic can be found. I found 2 that would take it. Gave them phone numbers. I still get the run around. I had an MRI done 2 weeks ago at the VA. The MRI shows severe damage to C5-6,C6-7 moderate damage in 2 more. They put me in for Choice to get a neurosurgeon as not fixing this can leave me paralyzed. They tell me at Choice program they have authorization awaiting consult. The VA tells me they have all they need to schedule appointment. This is back and forth one blaming the other. While I sit in severe pain and wait. My wife gets better care from Champva than I get being a 100 percent disabled veteran. Yes I am very angry with the way I am being treated. With all these comments I am not the only one.
Alan Crook to Veterans Choice Healthcare - October 8 at 11:25am
This program is failing miserably! I have bee seeing a Specialist since January and now I need more visits their office requested and was denied. I called and got the run around from Veterans Choice telling me the doctors office were I was being treated had to request more visits. I called me primary care office and was told to call and request a new appointment. Well no go again, they said "I lived 27 miles from one "CLINIC" and 35 Miles from another "CLINIC" so I had to go see them" I told them I lived 39.1 from one and 47 from the other and they do not treat this medical issue. I was told that I had to start over and see my primary care for a referral to the KCVA hospital then request veterans choice is and when I can not get in to see the docs at the VA hospital! The wait this program was designed to eliminate is creating a wait of its own which is just as bad. It is called Veterans Choice we should have the choice to see who we need when we need it with out all the red tape... I have been trying to get this resolved for two weeks and still do not have authorization to see a doc... The 40 mile rule is a joke, it should be 40 miles from a facility where the specialist is that you need to see..
Michele Robles October 7 at 8:55am
 First, its interesting that you are having the same problems with TriWest as I had with Health Net. Second, Health Net has a list of approved providers. You might check to see if TriWest has the same. It would speed up the process of finding an outsideprovider. Third, you are correct - the document downloads are supposed to go thru the Third Party Administrator when using Choice which in this case is TriWest. Unfortunately, the VA uses Vista, Health Net uses DOMA and most outside providers use faxes. I discovered at Ann Arbor VAMC only 2-3 people are allowed to download medical files and they must have authorization from the doctor. It's called a "consult". In my case, the VA doc felt he had absolutely no responsibility the minute we said the word "Choice".?
George Bone to Veterans Choice Healthcare - October 7 at 9:53pm
Brain dead politicians advertise they signed this worthless idea into law. This program steals billions of dollars from VA. Providing the minimal of care, no glasses, no hearing aids, clerks lie constantly. They even fail to initiate prescriptions. Business located in Texas. What political family is there as well. I was forced to participate filed IG complaint regarding waste of government funds and paid employees mismanage program.
Scuba Lenny to Veterans Choice Healthcare - October 2 at 12:16pm 

These people are messing up my care, Really bad!!!! Veterans beware!!! There is only so many times I can go to my doctor for the same consult, That I know you all have, because I was called about it 20 days ago. Now all of a sudden I don't exist????? And I have been getting this treatment for over 3 years now.
Bill Littlecloud to Veterans Choice Healthcare - September 29 at 5:55pm
The vets who server are now the vets who are scammed and screwed
Bill Littlecloud to Veterans Choice Healthcare - September 29 at 5:53pm
Veterans choice is a fraud and a scam on veterans
Nikki LaFroscia to Veterans Choice Healthcare - September 22
This is the worst program EVER. I have been trying since June to get started with Choice, now that I have it's been a horrible process. I had to locate my own doctor after they scheduled me to see a regular doctor when the VA already referred me, because I needed a neuroSURGEON. I called multiple doc offices trying to find someone who takes TriWest, and when I finally did I had to call choice repeatedly to give them the info because the guy would never make the appointment for me. It took about a month to finally get in to see a neurosurgeon, and then we started working on the paperwork to have surgery. The doc appointment was at the end of August. My docs office submitted the paperwork Sept 7 and since then nothing has happened. Recovery for my surgery is 6-8 weeks, the first two I'm not able to lift more than 20 lbs. My boyfriend took his vacation this week because we thought everything was going to be ready and we could go ahead and do it. But ni, nothing is ready. I have called choice everyday, sometimes twice a day for the last month trying to find out something and they are clueless! The VA said today that they have done everything they can, they have been doing Choices work for them. My doctor's office has repeatedly faxed the paperwork to Choice, but they still haven't uploaded anything. I have been sent in circles, the VA tells me what they can see and what they see in the Choice portal. BUT Choice keeps saying that they can't see anything. They keep telling me that the doc has to send the paperwork to the VA and then send it back to them, which is wrong. I'm so frustrated with this waste of money. I have a 14 month old daughter that I can barely lift, I have massive nerve damage in both arms, lost most of my strength, and feel constant pain. My boyfriend can't take another vacation for a few months, and it sucks that it will be spent sitting at home caring for me and our child when we could have been doing anything else. I'm so frustrated, I'm so upset. I'm living in constant pain, and no one cares. This program should be demolished. How could they do that to us Veterans? Thank you for hiring contractors who have no idea what they are doing to care for my health, note sarcasm. I have a herniated disk in my neck. I've been trying for the longest time to get it taken care of, but no luck. Having to wait a few more months is going to severely harm me, I can barely raise my arms up over my head. I've had it since 2013. My original surgery was cancelled because I found out I was pregnant. After I had my daughter my neck started getting worse. It took almost a year to get it all checked out, have an MRI, and then get Choice involved. Choice hasn't helped me at all. Every person I talk to tells me something different, I'm feeling defeated, I can't stand this. This needed to be much smoother.
Daniel Reed to Veterans Choice Healthcare - September 18
Veteran's Choice maybe a good idea but sucks on the follow up. I was dumped in the HealthNet system thinking a good idea as to get me a doctor local then traveling an hour into Atlanta to keep seeing an outside contractor for my Gastroenterology operation #5, but six weeks later and dozens of phone calls and I still not getting any appointment date to see a doctor. The various characters I get on the phone in Texas are not helpful and do nothing to get what I need done. Last Tuesday 9/15/2015 I got a supervisor on the phone and was told that I can leave their system at anytime as it was voluntary to be in their program. Still waiting on a scheduled appointment to see any General Surgeon they can find me. What a joke...Like all others who were sold on the idea of using the Veterans Choice to better serve my needs and cut down on my travel time. I have now experienced continued disappointment. I was told in late August I qualified for the new Veterans Choice program being offered. My condition had me seeing outside doctors because lack of a gastro specialist in the Atlanta General Surgery. This will be my 5th required surgery to address my issues and yet I can not get an appointment from the HealthNet provider 6 weeks later. I get the same run around with all 8 people I have spoken to even a so called Supervisor I was transferred too. Authorizations take 5 days to get and after week I get the same answer even though they sent in the authorization from week 1 for a general surgeon. The appointment setters have never returned my calls with promises to get me an appointment. as of today I am still waiting for a phone call. And I was told previously by the HealthNet supervisor this is a voluntary system and I can leave them at any point. Great plan people instead of fixing the problem they rather make you dissatisfied so you will leave their program. My Best to all who follow   Daniel K. Reed
George Beavis to Veterans Choice Healthcare - September 18 
The situation with Veteran's Choice is deplorable.
1. The call centers are non functional and should be gotten rid of.
2. The organization subcontracted out a major portion of the work to call centers that are not empowered to do the job and exist as a communication barrier rather than facilitator. Basic concepts like telling the veteran when the requested appointment has been made do not exist.
3. There is no functional avenue for redress, appeal.
4. The thought of them handling the scheduling of my psychiatric care is truly scary to me, and should be to you. I personally refuse to deal with them for my psychiatric care and will break INTO the inpatient ward with as many others I can find to seek care.
5. The need for timeliness in medical care is not understood be the call centers who function as the veteran's only point of contact.
6. Finger pointing on the part of both the VA and Veterans Choices saying the other is responsible for the deplorable care being given.
The VA itself continues to have the same issues only made worse by Veterans Choice.
1. Off system scheduling that hides and or under reports patient workload.
2. Non responsiveness of patient advocates.
3. Chronically inadequate staffing potentially resulting from deliberate obstructions in the hiring process to keep staffing levels low.
4. Finger pointing on the part of both the VA and Veterans Choices saying the other is responsible for the deplorable care being given.
In the interest and hope that someone reads this, I have not expounded on how I came to these conclusions, but each is the result of personal experience. I can provide supporting detail to anyone interested.
My personal resolution to the total lack of functioning by Veteran's Choice was to find an “in network” provider, make my own appointment and then telling them about it so they could do the paperwork.
Lisa Geartz to Veterans Choice Healthcare - September 17 · North Tonawanda, NY  
I'm hoping someone can offer me some insight. My husband is 100% permanent and total disabled from the VA. He received a prescription for physical therapy. We received the letter confirming his appointment on 8/07/2015 for an appointment dated 9/21/2015. Since this appointment was well beyond 30 days, we were advised that he qualified to use the Veterans Choice program. We contacted them (which was a nightmare) and provided them with everything they asked. As of today, 9/17/2015, we still have not yet received an appointment through Veterans Choice. I'm just hoping someone might have some information on what we can do. I mean this is ridiculous that our veterans are waiting beyond 30 days for treatment when there is a plan in place to prevent that, but that said plan takes longer than 30 days too.
Michele Robles to Veterans Choice Healthcare - September 15 
The Choice Act as passed included the requirement of establishing a Congressional Commission of Care of 15 voting members to examine the access of veterans to health care from the DVA and strategically examine how best to organize the VHA, locate health care resources and deliver health care to veterans over the next 20 years. By searching the internet I have found 3 appointments but not the full list of 15 which was supposed to be established by the one year anniversary of the Act. Has anyone heard of the this Commission and who was appointed to it?
Jim Dodson to Veterans Choice Healthcare - September 11 at 10:26am
The whole VA system is a joke. They ought to just shut it down and give us all a insurance card and let us go where we want.
Michele Robles to Veterans Choice Healthcare - September 11 at 10:27pm
Thank you for starting this Facebook page because if you hadn't, I would have. Since my husband was notified in April 2015 that he qualified based both on the revised 40 mile rule and the 30 day wait rule, we have been trying to use the Veterans Choice program and have learned a lot during the process. First, when you call the Veterans Choice program you are talking to one of the two Third Party Administrators - either TriWest or Health Net. There is a map online that shows which TPA has responsibility for which states. Those who work with TriWest seem to be more satisfied than those like us that have to deal with Health Net.
Second, as written by the Congress, you have to live more than 40 miles from ANY VA medical facility even if does not have the medical services you need. This is absolutely insane! I have heard of people who have to travel 5 hours to get specialty care and the Veterans Choice program should have helped them but it doesn't because that is the way Congress wrote the act. Third, requests for authorizations are supposed to be processed in 3-5 business days; 2-3 business days if marked urgent. It took us 33 days to get an "urgent" authorization for chemotherapy for my husband's aggressive cancer to be approved. It required over 60 phone calls to and from various people in the VA, Health Net, and the outside provider. The biggest obstacles seemed to be the lack of understanding about the Veterans Choice program process by the VA specialist & his staff, the lack of continuity of contact at Health Net and the lack of knowledge of the people answering the phones at Health Net. Some of them are professional and even compassionate but none of them have the slightest understanding of health care or even the procedures of the company they work for. It is imperative that everyone who has been qualified for Veterans Choice share their experiences with Congress. They need to know we want this program to continue but it needs to fixed!
Julie Schafer to Veterans Choice Healthcare - September 1 at 8:58am
On June 20th I called Veterans Choice to get an appointment set up with. My dr for numbness and tingling in my hands, i had to call back on 1 July and yep it was approved and my appointment was 7 July15. So I went to my dr that day they sent a request on 7 July 15, to the VA choice to get an MRI done. Well on 30 July I called the VA Choice back to see if it was approved, no not yet call back in 7-10 business days. So then on 16 August 15 I called back to see what was taking so long, the lady said oh, your authorization has expired. So now I need to start the process over again. I'm like are you kidding me! So she put a new request in and call back in 7 -10 business days again. Well on 31 August I called them they to,d me it would be not until October before I could get an MRI, I said this is bull shit, So I called the closest VA hospital and they did something because no I have an MRI on the 15th of September . So ow that it's been 2 1/2 months before I get seen for my issues, now I can tell the dr that the numbness and tingling last all day now and I can't sleep because it hurts so bad, I think if I would have seen a dr earlier it would not be this bad. Fix this system
Judy Peterson - August 28 at 5:15pm
 I had to call nine times and talk to nine different people before I was able to talk with a person that really wanted to help me to get an appointment scheduled. Evett in Kansas cares the other 8 didn't have a clue. 
Julie Schafer to Veterans Choice Healthcare - September 1 at 8:58am
Lisa Geartz to Veterans Choice Healthcare - August 21 at 5:02pm · North Tonawanda, NY
I have to say I am not impressed whatsoever with this program. This is my first experience using it and have received more run around than I do at the VA Hospital. Just got off the phone with someone who said my authorization went through and I could go ahead and make my appointment. So I did. Then when I call back to give them the information, I'm told there is no authorization and they have to make the appointment or they won't cover the service!! This is ridiculous. My husband suffers from PTSD and the crap we've been dealing with isn't really helping. I'm just trying to schedule a freaking physical therapy appointment!!!
Veterans Choice Healthcare 
Lisa, thanks for even more verification. And my apologies for our Government and it's lack of empathy for Veterans. Encourage others to post, like and somehow get involved. We will get someone who helps. Hopefully, Obama's new and improved replacement. God Bless
Lisa Geartz 
The one thing that is really annoying is how the veteran has to continually approve me to talk to them, even though I'm his caregiver and have a POA filed at the VA (this only makes his PTSD worse). Plus the fact that I asked a lot of questions, as this was my first time using Veterans Choice and it seemed like everyone I spoke with really didn't have a clue on how the process worked. Every step of the way, I would have to call to fund out what was next....not them. Just seems like this was thrown together without a lot of thought put into it. In theory, it's a great a idea but someone needs to get the system streamlined....preferably someone with military experience who knows how to deal with the VA and veterans.
Elizabeth Leake to Veterans Choice Healthcare - August 19 at 6:50pm
Lousy service! 20 min hold ti e to be told must be done through a nurse which will be a 2 hour hold, do you wanna hold? No, 2 hours is rediculous, so the snotty girl says fine would you like to wait 48 hours? Now how stupid is this? No! Let me speak to your supervisor since you wannabe a smart ass, let me speak to your supervisor, it will be a 2 hour wait. Than I was livid. And she hung up on me. Poor service to vets!,,,,,,,,,
Wendy Cooperfleming - August 19 at 6:42pm 
 I called today waited 2 seperate times for 9 min. and got hung up on. calling a third time still waiting
Veterans Choice Healthcare
Sorry about your troubles with this incompetent system. Write your Government officials and let them know
Billy Davis to Veterans Choice Healthcare - August 15 at 12:06pm
I had to wait 3 months to see a pain management dr for my back, only to find out after driving for an hour and a half to my "approved" appointment, that the procedure had not been approved and it would have to be rescheduled.
David Crockett to Veterans Choice Healthcare - August 18 at 3:38pm
No offense to my doctor's and nurses who have assisted in several major operations at V.A. facilities...I'm directing my frustration at the substandard system and the disrespectful telephone service that I must use to get medical care.... disturbing! Lame! Substandard! Causes more anxiety and drama from lengthy wait times than the proceedures themselves. My medical provision system SUCKS! 
100%service connected but when I have to jump through hoops for a pos on the phone because the system screwed up again and be put on hold for twenty minutes after speaking to a young kid im already sick again. News flash: i wear bilateral cochlear products and talking to you makes wish I could drill a couple holes in your head. ...fix it !
Anna Blahut to Veterans Choice Healthcare - August 14 at 10:01pm
I am at a loss for words when dealing with these people. I have been trying to get an xray and mri since July 15th. Everytime I talk to them something is wrong in my notes. They claim they are correcting it and they will call back to schedule an appointment. Then no call and I call back and repeat cycle. ... one broad was trying to send me 97 miles to a place when there is a hospital 1.4 miles from me that takes veterans choice. Beyond frustrated and shoulder is getting worse.
Robert Carlson to Veterans Choice Healthcare - August 14 at 4:03pm
I have been having my experience with veterans choice. I looked this blog up because if there wasn't one I was going to start it. We need somebody to help us get through the program. The only thing I know how to do Is be persistent, be annoying if you have to, don't take no for an answer. I have been told I will know by this Monday when the scheduling will be. We'll see.
I am going to put a post on VA is lying to see if it will spark interest.
I am a Vietnam Vet that is rated at 100 percent. I am going through the Veterans Choice Program. I have a tumor on my pancreas. My primary care doctor said I needed a biopsy. Well, the VAMC's that are within 50 miles of me do not do that procedure. So I called the number on my Veterans Choice card to get an appointment set up. This began mid May of this year. I finally got an appointment the end of June. They sent me to the Southern New Hampshire Medical Center in Manchester. I got there, the nurse said we know you have an appointment, but we don't know why your here. After speaking with the doctor, who reveiwed my radiology reports with diagnosis along with images of a CT Scan, he said he did not know why I was sent there as they do not do that type of procedure. That doctor set up an appointment at the Lahey Clinic in Burlington, Ma. I had a consult with the doctor, they did blood work. He then wanted me to have an MRI because it would show a much clearer image of the tumor, which would help him determine what type of tumor it is. Then he set up an appointment to have pre-op done and then another date to have part of my pancreas removed. He said I should have it done as soon as possible. While waiting for these dates to come, I get a phone call from the billing office at Lahey asking me how this would be paid for. I said it would be taken care of from the Veterans Choice Program. She then said she would need an authorization from them. When I called the Veterans Choice Program, they proceeded to tell me that none of this would be covered because the doctor at the Southern New Hampshire Medical Center did not send in some paperwork. I said, "you mean to tell me that you people set up the appointment and because the doctor screwed up that I'm responsible for these bills. He said unfortunately, yes! Nice way to treat vets! What a sham and scam...Now, I have to cancel the needed surgery. I know...as a Vietnam vet I should be used to getting screwed over by my country! As a side note, I do have a call into Senator Kelly Ayottes office where I filed a complaint about this. Maybe, and I do mean maybe, I'll hear from someone there that will help....but I doubt it
Dale Bylin to Veterans Choice Healthcare - July 31
I need help. My husband need surgery and the VA Hospital doesn't do it.
Veterans Choice Healthcare to Mrs. Bylin
Veterans Choice Healthcare Get your Doctors to sent a request for additional services to Veterans Choice right away. Only they can get this initiated. They need to call Vets Choice and get access to the forms as a provider. God speed and hope he gets well soon. Thank you and him for his service.
Dale Bylin Thank you all,we did get it fixed. The VA in Manchester NH helped us get the surgery approved and their working on getting the other payed. There is something that still needs to get fixed. Every time you call you get someone else. Then you have to tell your story all over again.
Dale Bylin We keep getting a run around from first choice first they say we're covered then we not. We are well and it making us sicker.

Michael Dickinson to Veterans Choice Healthcare - July 18 at 12:38am

Approved for VC on 7 June, took 22 days to get first doctor set up. now 18 July. VC denied payment on 2 appointments I attended and denied 2 cardiac prescription sent to them. Scheduled a Psychiatrist appointment on 14 July. Arrived at appointment to find it was a Physical Therapy Office. July 14, Called VC to request an expedited appt for my Primary Physician due to chest pain and shortness of breath. Was told that I would receive a call in 7 to 10 days. I yelled at VC Clerk and she hung up on me. Called to make appt with Primary Care Doctor using my Blue Cross. Was told that the VC had refused to pay my previous bill and labs, that I would have to sign auth to bill Blue Cross for services rendered.. Called Veterans Coordinator at local Hospital. She told me to go to the local ER with VA authorization today. I told her to take me off the Veterans Choice Program. Filed a complaint with my Congressman and Senator today.
As an 11 year DAV/VFW Service Officer and retired/100% disabled US Army Non-Commissioned Officer I promise this will not end here.I would like to coin a phrase. With the Veterans Choice Program you have only one choice. Not to participate.

Randall Lee to Veterans Choice Healthcare - July 15 at 12:22pm · Minot, ND
Veterans choice is a freaking joke...most of your people aren't trained and all they will tell a veteran is that they are not eligible even after the VA hospital calls and stays on the line with you to prove you are eligible...no wonder our vets are dying on wait list...do not use veterans choice and pray you make it to your VA appt!!!!
Jamaal Henry to Veterans Choice Healthcare - July 7 at 4:30pm · Raleigh, NC 
I have to say as a Veterabs Choice Health Care Member I don't like the fact that Im a patient just getting getting home from a total hip surgery but you leave it up to the veteran/patient to do the paper work and running around instead of focusing on getting back to healing as fast and correctly.
Jamaal Henry - Follow-up - July 8 at 10:49am 
This is so frustrating for a veteran who thinks that this Veterans Choice is a good program and goes with it. But after I have my total hip replacement surgery and get release from the hospital on Sunday (the weekend) they give my so many instruction to follow with defections even though I'm doped up on narcotics. But that's not even the main thing.  There needs to be schedule outpatient physical therapy but instead of the Dr, the nurses, VA or Veterans Choice doing it, they expected me, the veteran/patient, to do the running around, calling, and faxing. And that is absolutely worthless and backward. The patient shouldn't do anything but focus on healing.  And I feel mistreated as a veteran and a patient.
Matthew Myers to Veterans Choice Healthcare June 25 · Palm Coast, FL 
I went to Senator Ron Desantis' office to get assistance with my VA hospital issue and His best answer was the choice program to which I was denied when it first rolled out. Now I qualify for 1 appointment because of time but they can't find me a private Dr.  in the network so I'm still waiting.
Charlotte Rose - July 24 at 6:33pm 
How about asking the primary caregiver? Oh, let me tell you, I could give you more words than the entire Obamacare health care reform or ACA what a crock is the V A and "Affordable Care Act"!!!
Hey, Annie, do you want to add yours and Dan's stories here?
Crystal Spellman to Veterans Choice Healthcare - June 24 
I worked for The Veterans Choice Program through a third party agency at a Maximus site, and I feel embarrassed to say I became part of the problem. Although it was my intent to help the Veterans who called to get appointments with non-providers; some of whom were waiting far longer then the wait for a VA Provider. After three days of looking at computer screen, which was my training I was thrown into a job, I had no real knowledge of. No real understanding of its importance. After the three days, almost in tears from viewing authorizations that were sometimes 60 days old, my duties abruptly changed to appointing providers. This happen after only working for a week. I was given a list of Veteran old authorizations to appoint. I was told call three doctors, then go to the next Veteran authorization. If a doctor could not be appointed, well to bad. Then the next week I was told to appoint two doctors per hour, while navigating through seven computer system. Most doctors wanted no part of this program, not because they did not want to help, they were afraid they would not get paid. Sometimes the documents to get them paid were never sent, and providers were calling over and over again. They also called time and time again for Veterans to get approved for needed surgeries. The wait for medical review is another story. Causing the Veteran and the providers to call over and over again. I believe in this program, I just don't believe Maximus is the right company to make it successful. They hire unprofessional temporary employees who have no real stake in its success. In fact, come 4:30pm they can't wait to run out of the door.
Jody Jaques - May 17 at 10:16pm
Ok, I have a story. I'll try to make it as short as possible and not bore you with all the details. Injured finger, orthopedics at VA was gonna take over 3 months, I turn to VC. I was amazed at how fast they called me back and said I was approved. Told them where I wanted to go and what the problem was, within a few days I called back and was told it was all authorized, make an appt, and call them back with the appt date/time, they even gave me a doctors name from the facility. I did all that, the appointment was about a week away. Well, at about 2:30 pm the day before the appt, the drs office called and said that payment for the appointment wasn't authorized so they couldn't see me. Ugh, here we go. I called, spoke with 4 different ppl for over an hour, to finally be told that the facility and the dr, who VC picked for me btw, was out of network. Wow... I was assured that they would take care of it "right away". That was almost 2 weeks ago, and I haven't heard a word. In case you're wondering, my appt with orthopedics at the VA would've been scheduled for this past Wednesday....
Follow-up - June 1 at 7:00pm
Oh yeah, get this! I just called today to see what's up. Not only do I still not have an appointment, but absolutely no action has been taken. They haven't done one single thing. Whoever I spoke with didn't even log our conversation into the computer! UGH!!!!
Tracy Crook Dugger - May 8 at 11:31am
My husband has severe Alzheimer's disease. His doc at out VA referred him for PT to help with his motor skills. after 4 weeks of coordination with vets choice pgm finally got him an appointment . Unfortunately not in our community... But about 20 miles away. We were grateful to get the appts and approval for 12 sessions. Recently I received a bill from the PT clinic indicating a balance due. To my surprise Veterans Choice had denied the bills submitted. I immediately called the PT clinic and was advised that this was not a unique situation. As they had about 12 other patients who had been denied after prior approval. What recourse do we have? I have called the vets choice only to be told somebody will get back yo me. My phone hasn't rang. What a way to treat our Veterans. Highly disappointed and frustrated with them. Hey Barack... Do something about this before you leave.
Greg Brooks - June 1st 8:35pm
The veterans choice program is a complete disaster. Because of their imcompetence I had a surgical procedure done that didn't need to be done and then a month later had to be reversed. If you are going to use this program know this, it takes at least two weeks to get in their system and after they get you a private Doctor, every move he or she recommends for you has to go back through Veterans Choice. For instance, I have throat cancer and my Doctor ordered a swallow evaluation. After waiting two weeks, a unnamed person at Veterans Choice finally gave me an authorization number for the procedure. That person did not tell me anything else, so I passed it on to the Doctor's nurse who scheduled the appointment. When I showed up for the appt. the nurse told me the V.A. was not going to pay for it because I had the nurse schedule the appointment, and that is done by Veteran's Choice. After two hours on the phone with Vet's Choice they made the appointment for the following day. This is an everyday occurence and most times when I call them, the person on the other end admits they don't know what is going on. They say "this is all new." The non-VA hospital I am getting the proper treatment in echos the sentiment. I realize this is a new government agency intended to prevent the useless deaths that occured in the Phoenix VA hospital (among others), but really it's just a band-aid cover up to protect their own butts. Veterans deserve better. Please let a Vet know this plan exists (you can use your own doctor if you have an appointment 30 days or more out, or if you live a certain distance from the nearest VA Facility) and warn Veterans that it is just as messed up as the VA itself. If you have something that is time sensitive, good luck and God Bless you!! Please share any stories you may have.
more....These pages are intended to help Veterans with navigating through the V.A. Healthcare System and the new Veteran's Choice Healthcare System. First of all, if you are a Veteran and qualify for Veteran's Choice, register with them AS SOON AS YOU CAN, before you need them. There is at least a two week enrollment process. Here is another example of the care the V.A. provides. When I was diagnosed with cancer (it's curable) I was told by my dentist and my doctor to have a flouride gel tray made for my teeth to combat the affects of radiation treatment. I went to the dentist and got the trays. ($350.00) I submitted the bill to my regular dental insurance company which was denied because they said it is a medical issue,not dental. I called the V.A. and they said because the Doctor I am seeing is through Veteran's Choice, I had to call them. So I went back to Veteran's Choice who said they don't do dental coverage, call the V.A. for reimbursment. They did not care about my insurance company saying it was "medical". The V.A. informed me that they do not pay for past services, and I should have gotten a refferal in the first place. So I called my local Patient Advocate, who is just that, and very nice, and she sent emails off to my V.A. Doctor and Veteran's Choice to try to get to the bottom of this and try to get it paid for. She also told me, reimbursment for past treatment is next to impossible. Wait and see. Again, I urge you, if you know a Veteran, who earned all the care they can get, and deserve, enroll in Veteran's Choice early and, unfortunately, realize that you are your best advocate. You will be spending a lot of time on the phone instead of resting and healing.more....
So I'm through with treatment and expect a full recovery. Two weeks ago my Private Doctor prescribed "Magic Mouthwash" because of the increased discomfort in my throat. I filled it and payed out of pocket. The V.A. would require my private Doctor recommend it to my V.A. primary care Doctor who would have then sent in the prescription to the V.A. Facility and then it would have been mailed to me. They will not reimburse me. Out of pocket was so much easier. If you are a Vet and qualify for Veteran's Choice sign up now!!! If you can share some info about your experiences with the V.A. or Veteran's Choice, please do so. And I can be reached directly: Greg Brooks: gregbrooks712@gmail.com or 603-312-0012.

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