This site is intended as a sounding board for Veterans to air their experiences with the "Choice" program. The more reports we get here will help in our efforts to get Veterans the healthcare they deserve. There is a huge problem and Veterans are dying as a result of inadequate healthcare and policies. Please tell any Vet you know to join us in this campaign to save lives and get Vets better care. Listen to these comments and visit the stories page for more. Also, go to our Facebook page, VeteransChoiceHealthcare for more stories comments and cries for help like these, from Veterans who have tried to use the program......................
"I would classify it more like an aggregation, a government scam, a veterans death list, a widow maker" ......... "I truly believe that this is the governments way of stealing more money, offering non existent healthcare to Veterans only to watch them DIE a slow agonizing Death. Choice as a name is a JOKE, there is NO CHOICE".........."The patient shouldn't do anything but focus on healing. And I feel mistreated as a veteran and a patient....."This so called program IS A FALLACY and a LIE to the Vets and the American People."................ "Choice is now NOT PAYING the drs. Billing the VETS; then saying dont worry about it and now VETS are getting BILLED and affecting their credit ratings. see more.....

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